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3-Year-old mauled by dog left in heat; mom threatens lawsuit

SAN ANTONIO -- A mother is threatening to sue her former employer after she says her 3-year-old daughter nearly lost an eye to a dog that was left chained to a tree in the brutal Texas heat.

"Her cheek fell down," Amanda Anderson said.

Anderson, who works as a nanny, had brought her daughter Tatiana to work with her the day of the attack. She said Tatiana was playing with another child in the backyard, where her employer's uncle was suppose to be keeping a close watch. 

But somehow, Anderson said, the family's Labrador-mix was able to tear into the little girl's face.

Tatiana was covered in blood after the attack. Anderson said they had to hold her face together while they rushed her to a doctor.

"There was a pocket of skin missing in corner," Anderson said.

She blames her employer for tying the dog to a tree in the brutal heat. She said that's enough to turn any friendly dog into an aggressive one.

"He may not have been violent before," Anderson said. "Chaining a dog up in the Texas heat... He broke his previous tie downs."

Anderson said she plan to sue her employers over the attack.

According to her employers, Animal Care Services has collected the animal. It is unknown if the dog has been euthanized.

"Apparently there were no warnings of the dog," said Joseph Hoelscher, Anderson's attorney. "In this type of case we are seeking damages for pain and suffering and disfiguring."

Tatiana has since had plastic surgeries and stitches, but the scars still remain.

"I'm just thankful she got to keep her eye," Anderson said.

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