Sycamore Hills resident frustated with city for inability to renovate home -

Sycamore Hills resident frustated with city for inability to renovate home

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) – Some homeowners in the St. Louis area say they have had enough of getting the run –around from complaints about water and sewer problems, especially when it comes to the Metropolitan Sewer District .

Scott Roddy is renovating his home in Sycamore Hills. But he’s having issues shutting off the water to work on the plumbing.

“The shut-off valves out in the street have been moved, or at least the uprights to them have been removed and a sewer placed on top of the valve,” said Roddy. “So I can’t get to it.”

Roddy says everyone on Oakland Avenue has access to the main water shut-off valve except for him and his four neighbors to the north.

So who is responsible for fixing it?

“Everybody points to someone else,” said Roddy. “Someone points to Sycamore Hills, next guy, no, St. Johns is taking care of it, next guy, the water company, gas - and the little guy can’t get anywhere.”

News 4 decided to get some answers and contacted the Metropolitan Sewer District, which issued the permits for a project in 2003.

“Sycamore Hills contracted it,” said Lance Lecomb with MSD. “Sycamore Hills came to us, permitted the project, paid for the project, paid for the engineering and design, and they paid for the construction.”

Lecomb says the shut-off boxes were supposed to be relocated. He says the problem needs to be fixed by Sycamore Hills.

News 4 has been trying for two months to get an answer from the board of trustees at Sycamore Hills.

Finally, their attorney agreed to talk.

“What I’m saying is we haven’t gathered all the information and we haven’t been presented with exactly what the problem is,” said John Tajkowski. “And that really should be starting point.”

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