Dog saves toddler who fell in pool -

Dog saves toddler who fell in pool

MARCELLUS, Mich. – A Michigan woman got the scare of her life Monday  when she thought her 14-month-old son had followed her out to the garage—she instead found him floating in the pool.

Patricia Drauch says her son Stanley’s saving grace turned out to be the family dog—a black lab named Bear.

You might call it fate that Bear was the only pup in his litter to make it.

He’s been his family’s protector, best friend, and now their hero.

Patricia went to the garage to get a shovel Monday with Stanley right behind her.

When she turned around though, her son was gone.

”So I went to the pool and found him with Bear standing underneath him,” Patricia said.

Stanley’s brother Kyle remembers hearing a big splash, but no barks.

”I think he didn’t want Stanley to fall off,” Kyle said.

”When I got him out of the pool, his eyes were rolled back, his lips were bluish-purple,” Patricia remembered.

In a panic, she dialed 911, but had no cell service.

Terrified, she started the drive to the Marcellus Fire Department for help.

In the car, the little boy regained consciousness.

”We got X-Rays, there’s no water in his lungs, so we all believe if it wasn’t for Bear holding him in the water, he would have sunk down,” said Patricia.

Like Bear, little Stanley pulled through and survived.

”I always knew he was special but this is amazing,” Patricia said.

Stanley was checked out upon arrival at the Marcellus Fire Department and appeared fine, but his family drove him to the hospital as a precaution, where he was treated and released.

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