Mother wants photos removed from sex offender's Facebook page -

Mother wants photos removed from sex offender's Facebook page

A sex offender was arrested on suspicion of distributing child pornography, and investigators say he secretly took more than 100 close-up photos of young girls at a Costco store where he worked giving out food samples.

Gregory Sean O'Neall of Des Moines was arrested Thursday after investigators found images of girls engaged in sex acts stored on his home computer.

O’Neall also chatted online with an undercover agent and shared images of children engaged in sex acts.

Now, a Federal Way mother who worked alongside the suspect says he took pictures of her daughter. 

“My daughter knew him, she'd come up and get samples from him,” Emily Krause said.

Her concern turned to horror when she went onto O’Neall’s Facebook page.

“I found five photos of my child,” she said.

The photos show her daughter and others at a work event last year, they are not pornographic but Krause calls them “creepy” and is trying to get Facebook to remove them.

O’Neall traded images with others online and Krause wonders who else might have access to her daughter’s photo.

“You never know what he does with those photos and I need them off Facebook,” she said.

She called police and is trying to get Facebook to help, but the toughest part was explaining all this to her daughter.

“I watch my daughter like a hawk and to find those photos it's devastating,” she said.

The company that hired O’Neall, Warehouse Demo Services, issued a statement saying they did a background check and it did not show a history of sex offenses or a criminal conviction.

The company said it is “shocked” and “disheartened” by the allegations.

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