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Police: Family members beat up suspects after home invasion

PASADENA, Texas – A group of family members took justice into their own hands early Monday morning after a robbery at a Pasadena trailer park, police said.

It happened in the 900 block of Perla, near Lafferty, around 1:30 a.m.

Police said four armed suspects wearing ski masks barged into a trailer there, demanding drugs and money.

But a group of family members who live next door and saw the whole thing came to the rescue.

Investigators said they grabbed metal poles or bats and beat the robbery suspects until they fled the scene.

"Some guys came in with guns drawn and I think a machete or something. I’m not sure … They ran out, and that’s when the neighbors came from across the street over there and started taking justice into their own hands," witness Toby Rayna said.

One of the suspects wasn’t able to get away. He was taken to Bayshore Hospital.

The other three hopped in an SUV and drove off, but police stopped them about a mile away from the trailer park.

Officers said one of the three suspects was so badly injured, he had to be airlifted to Memorial Hermann.

The other two suspects in the SUV were arrested.

Investigators said they found drugs and cash in the vehicle.

Police were still at the scene hours later, interviewing victims and witnesses.



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