Fruity Fourth of July -

Fruity Fourth of July

American Flag Fruit Platter


1/2 ripe watermelon chopped into cubes and seeded
1 ripe pineapple chopped into cubes
1 container of blueberries


You'll need a white rectangular platter and a smaller white bowl.  Fill the small bowl with blueberries and place in the upper left corner of the large platter to represent the area for the stars.  Create a top row of watermelon slices for the first row. Under the first row, create a second row of pineapple slices, slightly thinner than the watermelon row. Under the second row, create another, slightly thicker row, of watermelon. Follow with another thinner row of pineapple with and last row of watermelon.  When the platter is finished, you should have three rows of watermelon and two of pineapple.  The platter should resemble an American Flag.

4th of July Strawberry & Watermelon Spritzer (non-alcoholic)

1 can of Strawberry juice concentrate
Juice of 1/2 watermelon
32 oz club soda
Mint leaves
Pineapple stars and strawberries for garnish

Prepare strawberry juice concentrate according to package directions but substitute club soda for water.  Prepare watermelon juice by cutting up the watermelon and blending the pieces in a blender.  Pour the watermelon puree into a sifter or over a mesh to filter out the liquid.  Pour the liquid into the strawberry juice concentrate and club soda.  Mix well.  Mull mint and add it to the mixture. 

Refrigerate for two hours and serve on ice with straws, topped with a strawberry and pineapple star.

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