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Woman charged $2,727 for fried chicken, finds hassle getting money back

HOUSTON – A Houston woman says she encountered quite a hassle after she was mistakenly charged $2,727 for fried chicken from Hartz in Humble.

"The lady goes to hand me my receipt, all of a sudden she runs across the store, grabs her glasses," said Lanie Mills. "They charged me $2727.57 for a box of chicken."

The correct price was supposed to be $27.57. The Hartz Chicken manager immediately fixed the problem on her debit card.

"[He said] ‘No worries, I’m an honest man. I’ll refund it to you.’ They were very nice, very polite about it," Mills recalled.

Mills said she thought that was that, but when she called her bank’s customer-service line the day after the incident – and again the day after that, she was told she didn’t have a refund. In fact, the bank said there was not a credit marked pending, either.

"She told me it could take one to 15 days for a refund to come through," Mills said. "I was like ‘wow’ –shocked. Wait! That’s my money!"

The service agent told Mills to get the Hartz Chicken franchisee to write a letter explaining things, and then send it to her bank, so she could get her money back promptly. She did.

It turns out that Mills and Hartz use the same neighborhood Chase bank.

"(They) called me back since and credited my account," Mills said.

The bank said a refund should appear in her account within two to three days.




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