Thieves steal equipment from Alton youth football league -

Thieves steal equipment from Alton youth football league

ALTON, Il. (KMOV) -- A piece of heavy equipment, used to train young football players, was swiped from a city park in Alton. The athletic director for the youth football league, Renegades, noticed that the league's blocking chute was missing from Gordon Moore Community Park.

The equipment was chained to a goal post.  It had an aluminum frame, which leads the Renegade's league president to believe thieves sold the metal for scrap.  It would cost around $550 to replace.
"That's registration for five kids.  That's five kids I can't give scholarships to," said Darrell Angleton.
Around 300 kids, ages 5 to 14, play on 11 teams that make up the nonprofit Alton Renegades League.
The Renegades reported the theft on June 18th, but thieves could have stolen it anytime between late May and mid-June.
Since news of the theft broke, Angleton says two businesses have offered to host fundraisers to pay for a replacement chute.
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