Man wrestles pistol away from robber in north St. Louis -

Man wrestles pistol away from robber in north St. Louis

Two robbers are on the run, but they've lost their gun.

Police say a north St. Louis County man fought off the bad guys and wrestled a pistol away from them.

The thieves took Larry Shelton’s cell phone, wallet and even his shoes!  But just 12 hours after the robbery, Shelton already has his phone back -- thanks to an app.  Shelton showed me how it worked and downloaded the "Find iPhone" app to my phone.  I tested it out by first giving my phone to my photographer and telling him to drive around with it.  I then logged on to the app from my desktop computer and tracked the exact location of my phone.  The same technology gave police a good lead on the suspects.

"They took my phone, and told me to throw my wallet on the ground with my shoes that I kicked off," Shelton said.

Shelton was walking along the 8800 block of Goodfellow to the corner store for a pack of smokes early Wednesday morning when police say two men announced a stick-up.

"I was like, 'I don't have any money,' and he was like, 'you're going to die tonight if you don't have any money!'" Shelton said of the robbery.  "I'm thinking like, 'what can I do to get these guys off me, because I don't give them any they're going to kill me.'"

Knowing that one of the guys had a gun and fearing for his life, Shelton convinced the pair that he could get them $20 at his home nearby.  But when they got there, Shelton said, "That's when he stuck the gun in and shot at my fiancé."

Shelton says that's when he turned the tables on the thugs.

"I was wrestling with him," Shelton said.  "I grabbed the gun and I was so scared for my life that I pointed his own gun at him, and I even tried to fire it but it locked."

The robbers ran off, and Shelton's fiancé went to work trying to find his phone.  She enabled GPS tracking on the device through an app called "Find iPhone."  It worked.  Shelton got his phone back from the guy who bought it hot.  That catch hasn't led to the robbers... yet, but Shelton is sure police will get these guys.  After all, police already have their gun, a hat and their fingerprints.

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