Tony Rasmus continues to rip Colbys time with Cardinals -

Tony Rasmus continues to rip Colbys time with Cardinals

ST. LOUIS (BaseballStL) -- Tony Rasmus, father of former Cardinals outfielder Colby Rasmus, is back at it again -- except this time in Toronto.

The outspoken dad was soaking in his first ever trip to Toronto since his son was traded in an eight-player deal last season.  He was in attendance to take part in a pre-game Father’s Day ceremony with 12 other Jays dads -- a perfect time to take jabs at the Cardinals.

“It’s a big deal,” Tony told the National Post’s John Lott.  “The first thing my wife said was, ‘Did St. Louis ever do this?’  So we were really excited about the opportunity to get to do this and the Blue Jays pay for it and everything, so it’s pretty sweet.  It’s pretty cool, to bring all the dads together and get a chance to meet all of them and, you know, tell all the stories we’ve all dealt with through the years of our baseball lives, so it’s been fun.”

Has St. Louis ever done something like this?  It is a great idea, but Tony would have never known if the Cardinals did this because, well, he said he ‘hadn’t watched a baseball game in two years that he’s (Colby) played in in St. Louis, because when I watched him I feel like I was watching a funeral procession.’  (It wasn’t a funeral procession, Tony.  It was probably a parade for the team’s eleventh World Series instead.)

This year Colby is hitting .259 with 12 home runs and 35 RBIs despite a sluggish first two months of the season when he hit .232 in April and .237 in May.  Colby has since launched six home runs (including two on Tuesday) and is batting .319 in 17 games played during June.

The difference this year, according to his father: “Looking back on it, maybe the fact that he was such a big prospect and they expected him to be Albert Pujols in St. Louis and not too many people are going to be Albert Pujols.  Maybe the expectations they had for him were just hard for him to live up to.  Maybe that pressure just wore him down.  Obviously Tony (La Russa) wore on him a little bit, but Tony’s a Hall of Fame manager, you know.  Maybe everybody can’t play for him.  Maybe it’s just a better fit here.”

Later in the interview, the 46-year-old dad tells Lott that he is a good ‘BP arm’ and can ‘throw about 90‘ but isn’t anything more than a batting practice pitcher.  That is actually impressive that he can still throw that hard, but it makes you wonder if he is stating it in hopes that a scout comes calling.  It’s not like he is trying to live vicariously through his son or anything.

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