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Rams seeking a change in culture

Just a few days ago the Rams completed their OTAs and virtually said goodbye until training camp begins in full swing late next month.  It was just a small taste of what this new regime is going to look like under head coach Jeff Fisher. 

When these men reconvene for camp in July they will begin a monstrous challenge for everyone involved.  How on earth do you take a franchise that has gone 15-65 over the last 5 seasons and turn things around? 

Make no mistake about it...there is a losing culture within Rams Park.  Losing breeds losing while winning breeds winning.  There are those who go out on Sundays and expect to win.  They make the little things happen that get it done until the clock strikes all zeroes. 

Then there are those who simply accept a loss.  With a ballgame on the line and under two minutes to go, it’s about so much more than just talent.  And if you’ve experienced nothing but failure sitting in the locker room following a game...it becomes a little bit more okay to have that feeling again.  Because it’s normal.

Teams with a winning culture refuse to accept that feeling.  They hate it with all of their being and do whatever it takes to make sure it doesn’t happen.

Well, folks, considering the Rams have experienced the feeling of losing 65 times in their last 80 tries...I think it’s safe to say they fall under the category of a losing culture. 

So how do you change that?  It’s not easy.  This isn’t a franchise that’s had 1 or 2 or even 3 down years.  They’ve had FIVE.  And that includes the worst 3-year stretch in the history of the NFL (6-42 from 2007-2009). 

Jeff Fisher needs to slowly but surely create an enviroment around Rams Park that is independent of what has taken place over the last several seasons.  He needs to make sure everyone knows this is not the “same old same old” and things will be done differently.

It’s a hard process that’s going to take time.  They can do it.  But it won’t be easy.

After all, it is a culture that needs changing.

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