Man beaten in downtown St. Louis park over dog poop dispute -

Man beaten in downtown St. Louis park over dog poop dispute

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By Eric Lorenz By Eric Lorenz

ST. LOUIS ( – Police are looking for a suspect who allegedly beat another man after his dog defecated near his family member at a park in downtown St. Louis Tuesday.

Authorities say a 38-year-old man was walking his dog at Lucas Park Dog Park near Washington and 13th around 11:15 a.m. morning when the dog did his business on the grass, near where a girl was lying on the ground.

But a woman who saw the whole thing said the child was nowhere near where the dog went to the bathroom.

The witness said the little girl’s father became upset and approached the victim as he was getting ready to clean it up.

“Well he went to the trash can to find a plastic bag to pick up poop but he was never given a chance,” said Bebe McBride.

Police say the dog owner responded by shouting racial slurs at the man.

Eventually, police say up to five men became involved. A second suspect then grabbed a piece of re-bar from a nearby construction site and struck the victim and his dog.

“He tried to defend himself but there were too many guys,” said McBride.

Police responded and located the first suspect. The victim indicated that the second suspect was the one that hit him and his dog. Police are trying to locate the second suspect, who’s described as a black male.

The girl’s father was arrested for a peace disturbance.

The victim suffered a hand injury in the assault.  The victim’s dog also suffered a minor injury.

Police didn’t want to talk about the incident on camera, but said the victim should nt have been yelling racial slurs. They also said he should not have let his dog go to the bathroom so close to other people.

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