Something stinks in Metro East town -

Something stinks in Metro East town

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

METRO EAST ( -- The strong smell of sewage is becoming a problem in Belleville and getting rid of it is going to cost a hefty sum.

Mayor Mike Eckert tells News 4 the city might have to spend $76,000 to remove the source of the foul odor, and they’re exploring all their options before they decide.

Depending on the humidity and the direction the wind is blowing, the air can smell like human waste.

In fact, a few weeks ago, at “Art on the Square” in downtown Belleville - some residents said they could smell the odor.

The odor is coming from a sewage basin in.

The basin cannot be cleaned out because of the way it’s designed.  The mayor says the $76,000 would go toward repeated chemical treatments.

The city notified residents about a month ago that it’s in the process of making repairs to its waste treatment facility.

Mayor Eckert says it’s too soon to make any decisions about the sewage smell.

“We’re not saying we’re not going to spend it. We’re not saying the people who called don’t have a legitimate concern, but we’re saying, we’re trying to investigate this a little further, as to what would be the best, what would be the most frugal procedure to follow.”

In the meantime, on at least one occasion Belleville has turned to wood burning, to mask the odor.

It’s less expensive, but it’s probably not the solution the EPA prefers.

The mayor says the city council could decide whether it wants to pay for the chemical treatments to address the sewage odor at its next meeting in two weeks.

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