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30 Teens 'flash rob' Oregon grocery store

TROUTDALE -- A mob of about 30 to 40 teens targeted a Troutdale store last weekend, stealing goods and trashing the place.

Investigators said they all entered the Albertsons store at 25691 SE Stark Street at the same time late Saturday night and started stealing things.

The suspects are believed to range in age from 13 to 15 and may have come from a nearby house party. They were recorded on surveillance video roaming from aisle to aisle, throwing items and stealing.

Security officers chased the thieves out, but no one was captured.

They also left employees pretty shaken up, including one woman who was in tears.

"Basically it looks like they went in, just to cause chaos, which they accomplished," said Sgt. Steve Bevens with the Troutdale Police Department.

Customers said the store employees were overwhelmed and outnumbered.

"They [thieves] were bragging and laughing about how much stuff they stole and what they did in the store," one witness told KGW.

If caught, the suspects could face several charges including rioting, disorderly conduct and criminal mischief.

This was one of several flash mob-style robberies being investigated in the Portland Metro area over past months.

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