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West St. Louis County proposal would fine homeowners for underage parties

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

CHESTERFIELD, Mo (KMOV) -- There's a push to pass a tougher law against underage drinking parties in west St.Louis County. Chesterfield police tell News 4 the goal is to hold homeowners responsible, even if they're not home when minors are caught drinking.

Underage drinking parties aren't anything new. And they aren't exclusive to chesterfield. But police say the language of this proposed ordinance will make it easier to prosecute the homeowner, or the property owner responsible.

The Chesterfield Police Department says the person who owns the property, whether that's a landlord or a homeowner, would be charged.

In the past, the police department says there's been some gray area in terms of pressing charges.

Police tell News 4 the need is greater now, due to teenagers using social media.

“The days when I was in high school and you passed a note to find out when you were going to a party, and what you're doing, as compared to now, when people just put it on Facebook with the map and address and Google maps,” said Captain Steve Lewis. “All kinds of information, how to get there, where to get there. It creates another problem that they need to think about - when you put that info out there, you get wanted and unwanted people coming to your home.”

The fine is $1000. Additional charges could come if other crimes are committed. The police department is on board with the proposal which could be approved at the next city council meeting.



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