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Waitress, mother of 5 found dead in motel room

SEALY, Texas—Police discovered a woman’s body inside a motel after responding to a disturbance call Friday evening.

The woman was a waitress at the Hinze’s barbecue, described by co-workers as a 30-year-old mother of five just trying to get back on her feet.

Cook David Alani described her as a "nice, adorable sweetheart."

She had been staying at the Best Budget Inn at 1241 N. Circle Dr. in the weeks before the incident.

The manager, Lawrence Garbs, said that he arrived at her room, number 16, to collect rent on Friday and saw a man quickly pull back the blinds. No one answered the door, so he left.

When he returned a few minutes later, the door was cracked and he saw the victim inside. Investigators say the woman appears to have been beaten.

Owners of a nearby gas station have handed surveillance video over to authorities.

Texas Rangers had not released the victim’s name as of Saturday.

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