First-round pick Wacha adds to Cards strong minor league pitchin -

First-round pick Wacha adds to Cards strong minor league pitching

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- With the recent drafting and signing of first- round draft pick Michael Wacha, the Cardinals stable of young and potentially impactful arms in the minor league system grew by one. 

Make no mistake about it...pitching wins in baseball.  With steroids out of the game pitchers have taken the game back to the level it was always at before performance enhancing drugs ruined it. 

And with the market reaching ridiculous levels it is more and more imperative for teams to draft and develop their own players instead of overpaying for free agents.

The stable of arms the Redbirds had was already impressive.  Shelby Miller is in AAA and should be ready for the big leagues next season.  Carlos Martinez and Trevor Rosenthal are in AA and each possesses outstanding arms that project well in the majors.  Tyrell Jenkins has a very high upside as he’s learning in Low-A this season. 

Now you can add in first-round draft pick Michael Wacha to that mix.  He’s a very advanced pitcher out of Texas A&M who is not far off from St. Louis.  Scouting reports said he actually could pitch in a major league bullpen this year because he’s so polished.  Now we know that is not going to happen...but the fact it’s been mentioned as a possibility tells you how far along he is.

The reports say Wacha has a big fastball in the low 90s with a plus plus changeup to go along with it.  His control is outstanding and his feel for the mound is pretty good too.  That right there suggests he’ll at the very least be a solid starter or impactful reliever.

The one area he needs work is adding a 3rd pitch.  Scouting reports all say if he can add a solid breaking pitch he can be a number 2 starter.

Either way...with Kyle Lohse reaching free agency soon, Jake Westbrook doing the same either this offseason or the next and Chris Carpenter much closer to the end of his career than the beginning there are going to be some openings in the rotation.  Heck, there’s no guarantee Adam Wainwright re-signs with the Cardinals.

Shelby Miller, Carlos Martinez, Trevor Rosenthal and Tyrell Jenkins all will help.  But now you can add Michael Wacha to the mix. 

You can never have too much pitching.

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