Search resumes for man in Mississippi River -

Search resumes for man in Mississippi River

ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KMOV) -- The search resumed Friday for a man who was reportedly seen struggling in the Mississippi River.

Authorities starting searching for the man Thursday night around 8 p.m., but had to call off the search about an hour and a half later after it became too dark.

Crews resumed their search Friday morning at daybreak.

Authorities say a group of men fishing saw and heard the man screaming for help in the water. Police said the men tried throwing him a line of some sort to rescue him.  When they couldn’t they called for help. 

Police said the man was last seen about two miles south of the Arch grounds. 

During Thursday night's search, fire crews loaded in to boats and searched for the man using sonar.

“The visibility is reduced and there’s quite a bit of debris in the river,” said Fire Department Captain Dan Sutter. “ So there’s a significant hazard.”

Police say the man they were searching for was not with the other group of fishermen and they tell police they had not seen the man prior to his calls for help.

It is not known what the man was doing in the river or how he got there.

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