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A Mini-Heat Wave

It won't be a July/August type heat wave, but we're going to head into a stretch of days with highs in the 90s and well above normal.  

In fact if you average out the high temperatures in my 7-day forecast you get 93, well above the normal of 86.  And it's possible that the high temperatures get bumped a bit higher for next week as we get more confident about the weather pattern that will establish itself most of next week and bring us some late Spring/early Summer heat.  

A weak front may touch off some hit and miss heavy storms on Fathers Day, but the latest models show the hot pattern re-establishing itself Monday through Thursday.  There are signs of a break down in this pattern until possibly Friday June 22nd with storms and cooler air pushing into the area.  

In the meantime summer starts Wednesday June 20th at 6:09 pm, that's when the Summer Solstice occurs.  But we'll be feeling like Summer already by then.  



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