Young father shot, killed days before his birthday -

Young father shot, killed days before his birthday

HOUSTON—Houston police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a man in front of his family’s home in east Houston Tuesday night. Robert Gutierrez was killed days before his 25th birthday.

Gutierrez’s girlfriend dropped him off at his grandparents’ home on Boyce at Lathrop – where he lived – around 11:15 p.m. As she was leaving, she said she saw a person in a red car drive up and start talking to Gutierrez.

The girlfriend left, but shortly after that, police said the suspect in the red car pulled out a gun and shot Gutierrez in the driveway, killing him.

His family members were devastated.

"In your heart, it will be best if y’all come forward because justice is going to be served," the victim’s mother, Margaret Gutierrez, said. "Nothing is kept in darkness that’s not going to come to light."

Gutierrez’s grief-stricken father could only utter a few words.

"That was my baby son," he said.

Gutierrez leaves behind two young children. He was to celebrate his birthday Monday.

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