Sources: Man sexually assaults woman during bus ride -

Sources: Man sexually assaults woman during bus ride

HOUSTON – A man was charged Thursday in connection with the sexual assault of a woman on a Metro bus Tuesday night, police sources said.

Sources said Fred Carrier got onto the No. 2 bus at the Medical Center Transit Center. His alleged victim, who was on her way home from work at MD Andersen, was sitting near the back.

At some point during the route, while the bus was moving, the man jumped on the woman and tried to make her perform oral sex, sources said. She fought back. Her attacker got off in the Sharpstown area, near Plaza Americas Mall.

Wednesday afternoon, Metro police searched area hospitals, believing their suspect was hurt or suffering from some kind of mental illness. Officers found him at West Oaks Hospital. He was arrested and taken downtown to Metro headquarters for questioning.

Female passengers who talked with KHOU 11 News were unnerved by the incident. In a word, some said they feel “unsafe.”

“I have seen people act crazy on the bus before but eventually they calm down,” said Savannah Jones, a bus passenger. “(I’ve never) seen nothing that deep.”

“We do ride the bus, but I don’t have to ride the bus,” said Marilyn Diggs, another passenger. “I want to feel safe when I’m on the bus. So, I will tell you that women need to do whatever to protect themselves. That’s the world we live in right now.”

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