Jennings resident upset over '8-foot-tall' weeds growing next door -

Jennings resident upset over '8-foot-tall' weeds growing next door

JENNINGS, Mo. (KMOV) – A resident in Jennings is upset after he says weeds at a foreclosed home next to his house have grown eight feet tall.

Floyd Ramsey has lived in his house for 10 years, and is bothered by what he wakes up to every morning: an excess amount of grass weeds in the yard next door.

“That’s exactly eight feet,  I can’t even touch the top of it,” he said.

Ramsey says the grass and weeds have been growing for months and no one has done anything about.

“I have seen wild dogs in here, dogs walking around. Last night I was in my back yard and I seen something crawling and it was a snake,” Ramsey said.

The property has been vacant since January when it went into foreclosure.

Ramey has been working with city hall to get it cut. He even helped city officials by tracking down the former owner himself.

But there’s one problem.

“Every time I go up there they tell me they’re going to come out and do this, ‘it takes two weeks to do this and two weeks to do that.’ It’s been three months,” he said.

Ramsey said he’s tired of getting the run-around, so he decided to call News 4.

News 4 contacted the city’s public works director, Bob Sidwell, and met him at the property.

Sidwell says the list of properties the city has to maintain and cut is close to 1,000. He said on the same street there’s two other yards similar to the one next door to Ramsey.

“It’s pitiful. I know it is,” he said.

Sidwell says Jennings is taking care of it.

“I’m sorry it was brought to your attention the way it was,” he said. “Sometimes this is what it takes to get these things done.”

Jennings crews on Wednesday were at work down the street from Ramsey. They planned to have the next to him by the end of the week.


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