Residents in Glendale frustrated with 'speed trap' on Manchester Rd. -

Residents in Glendale frustrated with 'speed trap' on Manchester Rd.

GLENDALE, Mo. (KMOV) – Drivers in Glendale are complaining about what they call a  speed trap along a small stretch of Manchester Road where the speed limit changes.

Glendale police acknowledge it’s a small stretch of road, a little less than a half mile.  And they say that’s where they issue most of their speeding tickets.

But Glendale Police Chief Jeffrey Beaton says drivers should not point the finger at his department.

The posted speed limit on one section of eastbound Manchester is 35 mph. But then it drops less than a half- mile later. 

One driver contacted News 4 after he was ticketed.

“I think it’s a money grab. I think the economy is down and municipalities are looking for ways to get revenue,” he said.

A lot of drivers are frustrated by the change in speed limit.  But the city of Glendale says it has nothing to do with it. It says MoDOT sets the speed limit.

But Beaton admits there is probably some confusion.

“I would think so. I’ve heard rumors in the past that folks think municipalities have something to do with the speed being reduced so it can increase ticket revenue. And that’s clearly not the case,” said Beaton.

Within the last month, Glendale issued 35 speeding tickets along the stretch of Manchester. That’s more tickets than it issues for any other part of the community.

But that doesn’t mean the city is doing anything illegal.

This driver says he won’t contest the ticket, but he will certainly pay more attention next time.

“Is it worth my time?” he asked. “At the end of the day they know I’m just going to pay it.”

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