St. Louis woman tells News 4 Cahokia dealership sold her a lemon -

St. Louis woman tells News 4 Cahokia dealership sold her a lemon

METRO EAST (KMOV) -- A St. Louis woman and a Cahokia car dealership are at a stand off. Cicely Clay claims she put $2,000 down for a lemon. She says the car broke down the day after she drove it off the lot. Now she’s out the money, and the car, and in an unexpected twist - the dealership says they’re suing the unhappy customer.

“I feel like I’ve been robbed, it’s a rip off,” says Clay.

She bought a used car from Cahokia Motors back in February, and says the transmission went out one day later.  

“As I was driving it went out.”

Clay took the car back to the dealership. She says the dealer was going to look for a new transmission, but that never happened. By April she was out the cash and the car, so she complained to the attorney general.

News 4 contacted Cahokia Motors on Thursday and was referred to Dennis Fults.

With no response, a second attempt was made Monday, and a secretary pulled Clay’s file.

The response was Clay purchased the car ‘as is,’ and they always allow customers to get an independent inspection before making the purchase.

News 4 was also told Clay’s Jetta was sold at auction on Friday - and Cahokia Motors planned to sue Clay for $4,400, the unpaid balance on the loan.

Clay isn’t looking to spend any more money on the deal.

“ I just want my money back as soon as possible,” she said.

Clay isn’t the first customer to be unhappy with the dealership. A few years ago, the Better Business Bureau put out a press release about customer complaints at Cahokia Motors. When asked about the company’s F rating, the secretary told News 4 the owner doesn’t deal with the BBB.

So the dealership plans to sue Clay, Clay’s mother reports she’s going to sue them.

The Illinois Attorney General told News 4 they have 10 complaints on file regarding Cahokia Motors.

The Attorney General also says Illinois is an ‘as is’ state, so if a customer buys a car ‘as is’ they are responsible for the transaction whether the car breaks down five hours or five minutes after it’s driven off the lot.

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