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Yorkie shot in face; family offers reward for info

FORT WORTH — A seven-pound Yorkie named Susie liked to stick her face through a fist-sized hole in a brick wall. The wall separates her yard from the sidewalk along Risinger Road in southwest Fort Worth.

When Susie poked her head through that hole on Sunday night, someone shot her.

"All I saw was the gun smoke," said Brittany Warren, the dog's owner. "Heard the pop. And she started running back towards this way. I ran and grabbed her and held her in my shirt."

Warren said Susie yelped; then was quiet.

Warren rushed the dog to the vet, where, she was told, there was little choice but to end Susie's suffering.

Warren said the bullet did a lot of damage. "It went through her mouth and through her neck and esophagus," she said.

The shooting took place about 7:30 in the area 4700 block of West Risinger Road.

Just before the gunfire, Warren said she saw a pair of sneakers through the hole in the wall, which is just down from the entrance to Summer Creek Ranch.

She said her young daughters are usually on the swing set early in the evening... just a few feet from where Susie was shot.

Five-year-old Riley sat on the swing Monday holding a photo of Susie. She and her sister Makayla still have Cupcake, one of Susie's pups.

"She licks inside people's ears," Makayla said, holding Cupcake in her lap.

The family rescued both dogs about a year ago. While detectives investigate the shooting, the family is offering a $7,000 reward. They've posted further information at the Who Shot Susie?  Facebook page.

There is another question the two little girls might never understand: Why would anyone shoot Susie?

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