Family of local toddler killed hope new rules save other kids -

Family of local toddler killed hope new rules save other kids

ST. LOUIS ( -- At 2 years old, Cortae Jones stood about as tall as the bumper of a small SUV.

She slipped away from her parents and stepped behind her cousin's vehicle as he backed out of the driveway of her Bel Ridge home.  He didn't see her.  The SUV ran over the child.  Cortae's parents watched as rescuers tried, unsuccessfully, to revive the little girl. 

"Just like that, she was gone," said Cortez Jones, Cortae's father.

It happened last June and Cortae's parents say they relive it, everyday.

Cortae's parents are not alone.  Kid and Cars, a non-profit, which tracks these kinds of accidents reports that an average of 50 kids are hit in back-over accidents, every week.  Two children die.

Kids and Cars also posts the stories of some of the children, hurt or killed, in back-over accidents.

In 2008, the President signed a bill into law that would set rear visibility standards, asking the U.S. Secretary of Transportation to set rules to require an expanded rearward field of view to prevent backing incidents.

The legislation is named for two-year-old Cameron Gulbransen, a child who died when his father accidentally backed over him.

However, the move has been delayed several times.  Most recently, the U.S. Transportation Secretary said that the agency would need to do further study that would take through the end of 2012.

Cortae's family says  it's clear to them that a camera would have saved their daughter.
"I wish this car would have had it."


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