Mayor: Florissant officer would not have been shot if suspect se -

Mayor: Florissant officer would not have been shot if suspect served full prison term

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

FLORISSANT, Mo. ( – A Florissant police officer may not have been shot and paralyzed if the man accused of shooting him would have served his full original prison term for a previous crime a former Florissant mayor said.

Court records show in 2010, Brian Cannon Junior was sentenced to seven years in prison for burglary charges, but was then set free after four months and given probation.

Former Florissant Mayor Robert Lowery said letting criminals off easy is happening too frequently.  “He shouldn’t have been out at the time he shot the officer.  He should not have been out on the street.  He should not have been out.  He should have been in prison.”

St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch defended the short term for Cannon saying it was the “appropriate” sentence at the time. 

Police believe Cannon shot Officer Mike Vernon in an ambush attack on Memorial Day.  Vernon has undergone numerous surgeries to repair collapsed lungs and fix other injuries.  Since the attack, Vernon has been moved to a rehab center and is hopeful he will be able to walk again.


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