South County Walmart evacuated after woman caught with mobile me -

South County Walmart evacuated after woman caught with mobile meth lab

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

MEHLVILLE, Mo. (KMOV) -- A Walmart in South County was evacuated Thursday night after a woman was caught making meth inside her purse.

Police say they stopped the suspect for shoplifting and found she was actively making the meth inside a plastic bottle in her purse. In fact, officers say the liquid was bubbling.

They immediately evacuated everyone inside the store.

News 4 crews arrived on the scene and saw St. Louis County Police could handling the hazardous chemicals outside of the store.

While that was going on, Walmart employees and shoppers were pushed to the back of the parking lot for safety.

Police have the female shoplifter and a male suspect in custody. Officers say other meth making materials were found in their car outside the store.

Authorites say there were never any fumes inside the store.

“It was a violitile situation because the meth lab was actively working but I don’t think anyone was in danger with the way the were able to move everyone out. It was still volatile, but everybody was kept at a safe distance,” said Lt. Mark Cox.

Police say this style of meth manufacturing is becoming more popular, but in a store like Walmart, it’s very rare.

Lt, Cox added this kind of meth isn’t typically made to sell, but rather for personal use by the person making it.

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