Bridgeton woman says she was scammed by door-to-door salesman -

Bridgeton woman says she was scammed by door-to-door salesman

BRIDGETON, Mo. (KMOV) -- A Bridgeton woman is infuriated after she says she was scammed by a door-to-door salesman.

Juli Seals said she didn’t think much of it when a sales rep came knocking on the door of her Bridgeton home.

“I go to answer and it’s a young guy who says he just got out of the Army and was trying to make some extra money because he was just getting started and they were selling books and magazines, which I’ve bought before,” said Juli Seals.

That previous good luck gave Juli a good vibe and, not thinking twice, she signed over a $65 dollar check to the MTS Circulation sales rep.

Left with the receipt, the sales rep told Juli she could check her order status online. That was last month.

Juli said two weeks later she still had not received anything.

“And even though it says 120 days I still should be able to get in there and see where my order is. Still can’t get in and see it and I’m assuming it’s just null and void and I can’t see anything,” she said.

After unsuccessfully contacting MTS Circulation with questions about her account, Juli called News 4.

News 4 found MTS has hundreds of complaints online with the Better Business Bureau, and an “F” rating.

But Mark Shumate, who works at MTS Circulation, says the company is not a scam.

“We sell a lot of subscriptions. We are incorporated in the state of Arizona. I will handle this,” said Shumate.

Juli said MTS Circulation contacted her shortly after News 4 contacted them. She says they told her the order should arrive in two weeks.

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