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Florissant car fires have residents on edge

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

FLORISSANT (KMOV) -- Neighbors in Florissant can’t make sense of two cars burned and destroyed this week, and it’s rattled their nerves. The fires are right near where police stopped a burglary attempt on Memorial Day. Police say one of those burglars later shot and paralyzed Officer Mike Vernon.

The first car was destroyed Monday morning.  Dave Goebel says he woke up to an explosion.

“I heard a boom,” said Goebel, who has lived there since 1971.  “I know from service work what an explosion is.”  He jumped out of bed, called 911, and walked around the corner to see flames as high as the trees shooting from a neighbor’s truck.  That was directly across Bandstead Drive from the home where police stopped the Memorial Day burglary.

The second fire happened just around the corner on Stirrup Lane Wednesday morning.

“To get up and see your car on fire,” said Stephanie Davis. “What if it had blown up?”  Davis and her family were home asleep.  The car burned was her daughters.  Davis says she has no reason to believe they were targeted. 

“I've been over here almost 18 years and I've never experienced anything like this.”

The family involved in the first fire declined to be interviewed.  A representative said they have no reason to believe they were targeted.

Florissant Police are questioning two persons of interest.  But they won’t comment further until any charges are filed.

Meanwhile, area residents are on edge.

“All of this is happening at one time, it's a little bit scary,” said Goebel.  “I have a gun, I'm not afraid to use it.  Two to the chest and one to the head. I don't worry about courts and that stuff. If somebody's in my house, I'm going to take them out.”

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