Girl upset after local shop duplicates prom dress -

Girl upset after local shop duplicates prom dress

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) -- These days prom night has the feel of Oscar night. Limo’s, posh parties, and perhaps most importantly for young ladies, having a one of a kind dress.

So when Oakville senior Ciera McNabb was guaranteed an exclusive look by a local shop, she rushed to purchase her dress. As it turns out, the look wasn’t unique at all.

McNabb and her mom Leta headed to Distinctions in the Westgate Shopping Centre , and looking quickly turned to buying.

“I said probably we shouldn’t buy today. We should probably look around,” Leta. “The sales person heard me say that and said if I were you I’d buy it today because we can guarantee  there will not be another girl that will have the same dress you would purchase from our store.”

The McNabbs bought the dress and say Distinctions made a note of Ciera’s name, school, and the dress style number.

So, when prom night came around and Ciera found herself wearing the same dress as another student, she was understandably confused.

Frustrated, the McNabbs went to Distinctions to figure out what went wrong.

“[Distinctions] said that somehow the sales person forgot to write the style number down,” Leta said. “I kept my receipt and the style number is on there. Obviously they made a big mistake but they’re not willing to do anything about it.”

In fairness to Distinctions, they did send the McNabbs a handwritten apology and a $100 gift certificate.

News 4 went to the mall for answers, but Distinctions owners declined an on camera interview. Co-owner Nancy Lehtman said the store never guarantees anything and says guarantees aren’t part of Distinction’s sales pitch.

The Distinctions website does state the business uses a dress registry to avoid duplications.

“It just seemed like they cared more about selling the dress and the money they made off it than their customers. That’s how we felt,” Ciera said.

Distinctions says the dress Ciera purchased had been sold to the other girl a few weeks prior, and the style number to that girl’s dress was improperly recorded.

The McNabbs say all they’re looking for is a partial refund, but during my last conversations with distinctions, it doesn’t look like the store is offering up any more than it already has.

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