Security footage shows robbers threatening young girl with gun -

Security footage shows robbers threatening young girl with gun

DALLAS — Two robbers walked into a Metro PCS store in Dallas on May 28 and started pointing guns at employees and customers. Now police are asking for the public's help to identify the suspects.

Jazmine Colmenero was behind the counter of the store, located in the 700 block of West Jefferson Boulevard in Oak Cliff, when the robbers came in.

"He pulled out his gun and he pushed the chair where I was sitting down, and he put the gun close to me and that's when he asked for the money," Colmenero said.

They threatened the employees and customers. One of the robbers walked up to a father and his four-year-old girl and pointed the gun at him, and then at her.

"We were scared at the moment, I thought he was going to do something to her or to any of us, but more than anything, I was frustrated we couldn't do anything," Colmenero said.

The father told News 8 he was paralyzed with fear - afraid the gun would go off - so when they asked him for his money, he quickly turned it over.

Meanwhile the robbers were terrorizing others in the store. Colmenero said one cocked his gun while putting it to a co-worker's throat.

The robbers then made the employees get down on their knees. They made off with phones and cash.

Police said since the robbers had no regard for a child, they fear their crimes could escalate.


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