Monkey goes bananas over traffic ticket! -

Monkey goes bananas over traffic ticket!

ARANSAS PASS, Texas – A Texas police officer was in the middle of writing a ticket when a monkey leaned out of the driver’s window and stole his pen.

A camera attached to the Arasnsas Pass officer’s glasses caught the whole thing on video, and now it has gone viral online.

The video shows the monkey lunge out of the backseat and smack the pen as the officer went to hand the ticket to the driver. The driver of the truck obviously wasn't pleased he was getting a speeding ticket, but his pal in the back went absolutely bananas when he saw the citation.

The 21-year-old officer told KRIS-TV the monkey was trained to appear at events in public.

Eventually the driver was given his driving citation. Both he and the monkey then went on their way without further incident.

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