Allegations of harassment, racism surface after St. Clair County -

Allegations of harassment, racism surface after St. Clair County clerk resigns

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( -- Disturbing new allegations against a St. Clair County clerk arose Thursday, one day after he resigned.

Bob Delaney’s employees told an investigator he grabbed them, kissed them, harassed them, and spoke about them in horrible language.

The report was put together by an Equal Employment Opportunity officer and lawyer who interviewed 20 different county clerk employees, most of whom had very serious things to say about their former boss.

“I think his behavior was flagrantly inappropriate, illegal and discriminatory,” said Roshni Shakari, a lawyer representing one of those employees.

Two employees said Delaney had grabbed their breasts; seven said Delaney had grabbed employee’s buttocks at work. 13 said they’d been kissed by Delaney on the face or the lips.

But they say he did more.

“Making sexual comments to them, suggesting they should have sex, that their haircut or the way they look is turning them on,” Shakari said.

Some said Delaney used extremely racist language against blacks, gays, and Latinos.

Others said he purposely taunted an employee with ADHD and another with a hearing impairment.

Four employees told the investigator Delaney drank at work.

“I think it suggests it was a very hostile work environment that Mr. Delaney created and an environment no one should have to endure,” Shakari said.

Delaney did not return calls for comments. Before resigning Wednesday, he had held his post since 1999.

Shakari says no lawsuits have been filed yet, but they want anyone else who feels harmed by Delaney to come forward.

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