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What would you do? Unemployed mother finds $20,000, returns it

(KMOV) -- An unemployed mother in Texas found a bag containing $20,000, then returned it.

Candace Scott just recently moved her family back to College Station and is looking for a teaching job.

Until now she’s had no luck.

“I’ve been praying for something, something to happen to turn this all around,” Scott said.

That something may have happened on Tuesday when she ran over a plastic bag on her way home. When she stopped to take a look, she realized it was stuffed with $100 bills.

“At first I thought ‘oh my goodness this is drug money and somebody just threw it out and now “I’m gonna get killed,’” she said.

A closer inspection showed the Chase Bank logo, and without a second thought, Scott drove to the nearby Chase branch and handed the money to a startled employee.

“So I just told her, I said, ‘you know this has your bank’s name on it, I just found it in the middle of the street,” Scott said.

If you found $20,000 in a bag, would you try to return it? Share your thoughts.

Chase says the money was from one of its ATM couriers.

“We are very grateful to Ms. Scott for stepping up, doing the right thing and returning the bag dropped by our courier service,” the bank said in a statement. “It is that neighborly spirit that makes Texas a great place to live.”

The bank also gave her a $500 gift card and a thank you note.

Scott said she never once thought about keeping the money, even though she admits her family could use it.

She simply wanted to do the right thing for the bank and her community.

“As I was leaving she said ‘if there’s ever anything Chase can ever do for you, please don’t hesitate to call us, and I thought about turning around and saying, ‘find me a job.’”


What would you do if you came across a find like this? Check out the video to see the story and hear from this honorable mother, then let us know what you would have done on our Facebook page.

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