Fans react to $194M Astrodome renovation plan -

Fans react to $194M Astrodome renovation plan

HOUSTON – Local residents weighed in on the Astrodome renovation plan that will cost taxpayers $194 million to turn the historic landmark into a state-of-the-art conference and exposition center.

The Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation recommended Wednesday that the dome be renovated with public funds -- not demolished.

Voters were divided. Some wanted to see the money used for something else while others did not mind the hefty price tag to save the landmark, nicknamed the Eighth Wonder of the World.

The plan to restore the Dome goes to Harris County commissioners next week.

Voters will probably, though not necessarily, have the final say. Although it’s possible county officials will figure out a way to pay for the renovation without borrowing money, that’s considered unlikely. So Harris County would probably have to float a bond issue, which would require approval from voters.

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