Thieves again strike St. Charles County car dealerships -

Thieves again strike St. Charles County car dealerships

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By John Bailey By John Bailey

( -- News 4 has learned of more car thefts at St. Charles County dealerships.

Last week, thieves broke into a drop box and drove off with three cars in St. Peters. Wednesday officers reported two more thefts, the most recent of which happened Tuesday night.

Car dealers at almost every lots along I-70 in St. Peters say it happens more than anyone might think.

One dealer said Tuesday night a man asked to take test drive, and sped away with a brand new car.

“They’ll take tires wheels anything they can get their hands on,” said dealership owner Tom Irwin. “We’ve got a security system that’s in front and back of the dealership so we try to monitor them coming and going.”

St. Peters police said the recent thefts are typical of what they see all the time.

Many lots have security cameras everywhere and take the precautions they can, but don’t expect the thefts to stop anytime soon.

“When somebody’s determined to get something they’re going to get it,” Irwin said. “We try to implement stuff that will take it away from making it easy for them to do it.”

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