Report says Ill. cell phone users overpay $1.4 billion per year -

Report says Ill. cell phone users overpay $1.4 billion per year

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

( – The average Illinois smartphone user is overpaying nearly $200 a year for services, according to analysis released by the Citizens Utility Board and research firm Validas on Tuesday.

The figures were calculated based on the difference between the amount of data paid for and the amount actually used.

According to the report, Illinois cell phone users overpay by an average of about $194 a year on their smartphones and about $30 a year on traditional wireless phones.

David Kolata, executive director of CUB, said that adds up to about $1.4 billion a year wasted on data plans.

The article says most people overpay because they choose the wrong plan. It also attributes the industry favoring data plans with massive flat monthly fees over a pay-for-use model.

Here are some tips the report offers to cut down on data costs:

1.    Downsize to a lower plan.

2.    Use Wi-Fi whenever possible. This cuts down on data usage.

3.    Turn off apps that may continue to run in the background.

4.    Ask your carrier if it offers special discounts connected to your employment.

5.    Consider prepaid plans instead of traditional contract plans.


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