Watch: Soldier meets daughter born during deployment -

Watch: Soldier meets daughter born during deployment

She was wearing red, white and blue. And the bow in her hair was almost as big as her seven-month-old head.

She cried when she saw him. He held back tears, but few others could.

Olivia Paige Owen was born in October one month after her father, Army Reservist Trent Owen, left for a tour of duty in Afghanistan. 

For the last seven months, Trent, his wife, and Olivia have talked via Skype or Facetime on their phones. But that was just no substitute for being together.

Trent returned to Texas on Tuesday. Wednesday was the private family reunion.

Family members shot cell phone video and took priceless pictures, showing Trent holding his oldest daughter, Maylie, in one arm, and his newest daughter, Olivia, in the other.

A few minutes after the reunion, Trent spoke with WFAA via a video phone connection.

"Being a family again feels really good," he said. 

What was it was like to meet Olivia?

"I already loved her," he said, "It was more like... an instant love, I guess you'd say."

He calls it an "instant love,' but it's really indefinable... the kind of love only a daughter and her daddy can know.

Trent has a few more duties at Fort Hood before returning home for good to Arlington. They're planning their first-ever family vacation soon: A trip to Sea World.


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