Lawmakers talk to smartphone giants, hope to combat theft -

Lawmakers talk to smartphone giants, hope to combat theft

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By Alex Wong By Alex Wong

( -- A growing number of thieves are targeting residents’ smartphones.

As a result, top law enforcement officials are asking cell phone makers to be smarter about security.

One third of all robberies involve a smartphone and many of those robberies are violent.

On Thursday, the San Francisco District Attorney and New York’s DA met with Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft to look at how companies plan to fight the crime wave.

In a presentation this week, Apple said the so-called “kill switch” technology will be part of iPhone software available in the fall.

C-NET editor Molly Wood found Apple’s announcement short on details.

“Presumably this would let you send a signal to that phone wherever it was so that it would deactivate the phone, and only the owner could get in,” she said. “With some sort of a passcode or maybe a biometric, we’re not exactly sure what mechanism”

According to Consumer Reports, one and a half million Americans reported their smartphones stolen last year.

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