Belleville residents face required safety class, fees before buy -

Belleville residents face required safety class, fees before buying fireworks

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By Sarah Heath By Sarah Heath

(KMOV) – Metro East officials are starting to enforce a city ordinance that will require fireworks patrons to take a training class before the transaction is completed.

News 4 learned the Illinois State Law requires people wanting to purchase higher-end fireworks to take a test but it’s up to each individual city to require patrons to take a class for less powerful displays.

The ordinance requires a short, fifteen minute class which covers safety and product knowledge so patrons will know what they’re buying, and how to use it properly. Some residents are calling it a big waste of time.

Assistant Fire Chief J.P. Penet said under state law, residents must take this class. However it’s not necessary for the purchase of sparklers, party poppers and snakes.

“That’s out only alternative is either it allow it under certain conditions prescribed by state law or choose to follow the county’s lead and ban all fireworks,” Penet said.

While the purchase of the class is to keep people safe, some say it’s going too far saying it comes down to common sense.

The authorities in Belleville are also requiring residents who want to set off fireworks legally to pay a $20 consumer display fee.

A $275 permit is needed for all times for pyrotechnic displays.

Belleville City Council is expected to vote on the new rules next week. 


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