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Ouch! Wild pitch leads to MLB brawl

(CBSSports) -- I think we're all starting to get a little #PuigFatigue (trademark: Dayn Perry, 2013), but this is pretty bad ass. On Tuesday night, Yasiel Puig took an Ian Kennedy fastball to the face, but he stayed in the game anyway.

Puig remained on the ground for a few minutes and the cameras showed that his nose was bleeding, but he wiped away the blood and stayed in the game. Pretty sure I would have stayed in the fetal position for good 36 hours had I taken a 92 mph fastball to the face.

As an added bonus, Zack Greinke hit Miguel Montero with a pitch to leadoff the next half-inning, presumably in retaliation. Both the benches cleared and there was a lot of yelling, but nothing more. It was over within a minute and the game resumed. It was lame by benches clearing brawl standards, but hey, a benches clearing brawl.

UPDATE: I spoke too soon. One inning later, Kennedy hit Greinke with a pitch up high around his head -- hit him in the shoulder and looked 100 percent intentional -- and the benches cleared again. I didn't see any punches but there was a lot of pushing and shoving on both sides. Here's the video so you can see for yourself:

Fortunately, it doesn't appear anyone was injured, but it's obvious Kennedy and Greinke will get some kind of suspension for their roles in the beanball war. Kennedy hit Puig in the face before coming up high on Greinke, which is pretty terrible. If you're going to hit someone, do it in the ribs or in the back, like where Greinke hit Montero. Head-hunting is weak and Kennedy deserves whatever discipline he gets.

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