Tech Talk: PlayStation mocks Xbox in online video -

Tech Talk: PlayStation mocks Xbox in online video

YOUTUBE -– Sony on Monday unveiled the latest version of its PlayStation gaming console, and at the same time, mocked the Xbox One on YouTube.

Microsoft says there will be some restrictions when it comes to sharing games on its upcoming Xbox One console. Sony, on the other hand, says PlayStation 4 will have no sharing restrictions.

This led Sony to make a short video on YouTube titled “Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video.” The 22-second clip shows one man handing a game to another, with the other person simply responding “thanks.”

The jab came just hours after the well-received PlayStation4 announcement at the E3 trade show in Las Vegas on Monday night.

Sony is also touting that its upcoming PlayStation 4 will not only have no restrictions on sharing games, but users will be able to play without having to connect online.

The PlayStation 4 also won the price war as it will cost about $100 less than the Xbox One when it comes out later this year.

Watch the video:

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