Mother wants owners held accountable after monkey attacks boy in -

Mother wants owners held accountable after monkey attacks boy in Godfrey

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By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller
By Dan Mueller By Dan Mueller

( -- A mother says her 6-year-old son is traumatized after a pet monkey attacked him at a public park in Godfrey, cutting him to the bone.
Ayden Calvert, 6, is a bit shy. But his friend, JW Shelton, described what happened when they say a woman allowed them to pet her dog, but not her pet monkey.
"The monkey just started jumping on him," said Shelton. "He grabbed his shirt with his nails and pulled him back and bit his arm."
The monkey reportedly sank it's teeth into Ayden's arm, down to the bone. The wound became infected and Ayden had to undergo several treatments.
Both boys said they have felt traumatized since the attack.
“I had nightmares about it,” Shelton said.

Ayden's mother, Tierrah Greene, said she thinks the monkey's owners should be held responsible.
"I want to see her be held accountable for this,” said Greene.

An Illinois law which took effect in 2009 forbids people from owning monkeys or primates, specifically because the animals can be dangerous.
"The thing that really got me was the lady just tried to leave," Greene said.
Witnesses told News 4 they blocked the monkey’s owner from leaving the park.
The woman's husband said they did not know their pet was illegal.
"You didn't think to look into whether it was legal to have a monkey in the state of Illinois?” asked News 4's Lauren Trager.

“I didn't think about it at the time,” he said.
He said it's all just a mistake.
"Do you think you should be responsible for this kid's medical bills?” Trager asked.

“Oh yeah, totally we would be yeah,” he said.
The couple says they want their monkey back, but Ayden would rather see it in a zoo.
The monkey for now is quarantined with a keeper until authorities decide what to do next.

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