Illinois law enforcement: Conceal carry law not official, carrie -

Illinois law enforcement: Conceal carry law not official, carriers will be arrested

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

( AP) – Despite a proclamation by a Madison County State’s Attorney, Illinois law officers say the state’s current ban on concealed weapons remain in effect despite the Legislature’s passage of a new law.

Concealed carry legislation is pending before the Illinois governor but the State’s Attorney Tom Gibbons of Madison County said Thursday citizens can start carrying weapons immediately, saying “it serves no just purpose” to deny citizens the ability to carry weapons.

The Illinois Legislature passed concealed-carry legislation during its recent session under order by a federal appeals court, which ruled the state’s ban unconstitutional. The legislation is awaiting action by Gov. Pat Quinn, who hasn’t said if he will sign it or not.

The Illinois State Police, Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police, and the Illinois Sheriff’s Association issued a public safety advisory Thursday in response to public inquiries.

Current Illinois law prohibits the carrying of an immediately accessible or loaded firearm on your person or in your vehicle regardless of whether it is concealed. Violators are subject to arrest.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals gave Illinois an extra 30 days to lift its ban on concealed weapons. That allows Gov. Pat Quinn to review the law as allowed by Illinois’ constitution.

Meanwhile, The Belleville News-Democrat reports that Gibbons says people can carry a concealed weapon in his county as long as they meet seven requirements. Those requirements include possessing a valid Firearm Owner’s Identification Card. Citizens also must be carrying the weapon for self-defense.

News 4 is speaking with Gibbons about his announcement that his office will not prosecute conceal carry violators and his reaction to ISP's announcement on News 4 at 5. 

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