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Local store hit with big bank fees after requesting check copies for audit

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

(KMOV) – A small local business was unexpectedly hit with a big fee from their bank while they were being audited by the IRS.

Wee-Peats kid’s consignment shop in Fairview heights was audited by the Illinois Department of Employment Security for 2012. 

In an  effort to comply with the auditors, the owners of the store provided copies of every check they wrote for merchandise in 2012.

A co-owner, Kristen Harris, said they first attempted to get the needed information online but couldn’t so they went to PNC Bank for the copies.

Harris was shocked when she say almost 2,800 in fees from the bank for providing her copies of the checks,

“It’s a lot of money to us. Business is good but we’re selling things for $399 or $499 so you have to sell a lot of items to make that kind of money,” Harris added.

Wee-Peats needed copies of more than 1,000 checks. PNC Bank changed then $2.25 per copy.

“I spent the last four days on the phone with them and I feel like nobody’s trying to help me.”

Harris told News 4 the bank took off about $4300 in fees but says her store has to pay the rest.

News 4’s Chris Stanford spoke with a representative at PNC’s corporate office about the charges but they have not sent him a response at this time. 

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