St. Louis alderman says he will return tuition donations after c -

St. Louis alderman says he will return tuition donations after controversial letter

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By Brendan Marks By Brendan Marks

(KMOV) -- St. Louis Alderman Freeman Bosley Sr. said he will not accept any money sent to him from his now controversial letter seeking financial help for his daughter’s college tuition.

“I wouldn’t accept it, I would send it back,” Bosley told News 4.

Freeman Bosley Sr. raised eyebrows when he sent a letter asking constituents to pay the more than $14,000 still owed for his 18-year-old daughter’s upcoming tuition bill at St. Xavier University in Chicago. The university costs $38,000 a year to attend.

Bosley’s letter says his daughter had received about $25,000 in scholarships and grants but coming up with the rest of the money was a challenge.

The 78-year-old Democrat says he’ll now have to find another way to send his daughter to school.

Officials and political ethics experts say Bosley did nothing illegal but did come close to blurring the line between his public and private life.

Bosley pointed out he did not write the letter on official city stationary and sent it out about 50 letters to family and close friends. 

He declined to say how many other children he has, though he said one is currently attending college in Tennessee.

Click here to see the full letter sent by Bosley. 


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