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Wellston mayor creates new position for ex-Pine Lawn police chief

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By KMOV Web Producer By KMOV Web Producer

 (KMOV) -- There was a big turnout of residents on Wednesday who cannot believe what’s happening at Wellston City Hall.

Citizens are angry over their mayor’s decision to hire Ricky Collins.

He was mysteriously fired as Police Chief of Pine Lawn last week, but the Wellston Mayor created a new position for him.

Yet the mayor gave him the rank of major, appointed him assistant police chief and he was patrolling the streets on Tuesday.

Mayor Linda Whitfield has repeated refused to answer questions from News 4’s Lauren Trager. A man at the mayor’s house slammed the door in their faces Wednesday.

Mayor Whitfield and three council members just didn’t show up to the meeting scheduled to address Collins’ hiring.

“Yes I do believe they did not come on purpose,” said council member Samuel Shannon. “It’s sad because every day we don’t have a meeting it pushes us back another day,” he said.

The council members, who did show, told us they are very concerned about Collins’ controversial past.

We still don’t know why he was fired from pine lawn.

“He was fired, two days later, it’s not a good picture for Wellston,” said one resident.

Citizens say they can’t believe their mayor is ignoring the concerns.

The council members present are looking into their legal options, but hope Collins won’t be patrolling the streets much longer. 

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