Sen. Durbin calls for immediate healthcare reform -

Sen. Durbin calls for immediate healthcare reform

(KMOV) -- Recent polls show that majority of Americans do not like the health care bill in its current form, but Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin said on Monday that the president should push the health care bill through no matter what. 

Durbin, Majority Whip in the U.S. Senate, said he wants a simple majority vote on health care, also known as reconciliation.

"Many think [reconciliation] is a budget maneuver that shouldn't be used for health care," said Durbin. "21 times we've had this reconciliation process. More often than not, Republicans have used it."

While Durbin said even he is not happy with the bill, he said the alternative is to do nothing. He said he wants a single-payer public option, which is not in this bill.

"If you do nothing, health insurance is going to become so expensive, businesses can't afford to offer it, and individuals can't afford to buy it," said Durbin.

"If you make your decision in politics strictly on the polls, you're like a weather vane. You'll turn around every day," said Durbin. "I think [passing the bill] is the right thing to do, and once it's done, many of the critics today will say...some of the criticism of this bill was just not right."


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