Atogwe Receives Low Tender; Let the Games Begin -

Atogwe Receives Low Tender; Let the Games Begin

This afternoon St. Louis Rams safety O.J. Atogwe received a tender offer at the lowest level for a restricted free agent.  This move is a moderate gamble by the Rams organization because if the Rams do not match any offer that is received by Atogwe, then they will receive no compensation.

The Rams gamble is that they can either sign Atogwe to a long term deal before someone else signs him or that the Rams will match whatever offer that he receives and realize a savings from the almost $7 Million dollar a year contract he would have received had they made a different tender offer to Atogwe.

For Atogwe, this is a matter of bad timing.  If this were any other year he would probably have been franchised or given a long term deal at a high rate of pay.  Atogwe will still probably wind up with a significant deal but there is the possibility that instead of a $7 million dollar deal he could wind up with something in the $4-5 million range for no other reason then he became a free agent in the wrong year.

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